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Our Roots

Pebble Ministry Inc, began in 2014

while I was working on a mountaintop in Covington, Virginia. I worked there for seven days during which I found a large rock and wrote on it “my mountain of peace.” I heard a voice say “share it” and that is just what I did. Several days went by and I got the urge to pick up little pebbles.Everywhere I went, I would look for small rocks of different shapes and textures. About a month went by and two words came to me-love and peace. I wrote these words on the rocks. Soon after, I was sitting in a park in Cleveland, Ga, when a man started to tell me his life story. All I Could hear in my spirit was “share it”. From that moment on, I shared my Pebble Ministry of love, hope, peace and joy with anyone whose path I was fortunate to cross. It has been such a blessing from God each day! I am so thankful that I am able to share these small acts of love with anyone who will allow me to and wherever God sends me. I can truly say that it is a God thing as I continue on this journey.



Pebbles in Hands_edited_edited.jpg

We start by giving pebbles that have the word LOVE on one side because it all starts with LOVE. On the other side is another word God gives me-GRACE, SHOW, ALL, PEACE among many others. The pebbles help to start a conversation with strangers that ends with stories shared, life experiences and most times changed hearts. We started the Facebook page as an extension of people could have a shared experience in one place. Many times people are lonely and just want someone to listen and I try to do that.

Our Vision


To create a space  where everyone can be loved, seen and heard 

Thanks to everyone for supporting the grand opening of the Cornelia City Park Story Trail!

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